AISBF uses industry-leading techniques in order to accumulate enough unique data to compile some of the most impressive sports databases. We certainly go the extra mile to make sure our data is the most relevant and accurate.


For the e-sport Dota 2, AISBF has downloaded gameplay data from every single Dota 2 game ever played, directly from the SteamWebAPI. We have then filtered out the most relevant games using specialised criteria developed, and inputted the statistics into a enormous database. Building on that database, we were able to develop our own ELO ratings for each professional player, each team and important stats for each playable hero – such as their synergy with other heroes, their ability to counter other heroes, and how they contribute to an overall team composition. Using this data, AISBF have built the most revolutionary Dota 2 betting model with extremely impressive results.

AFL is another sport that has caught our attention due to the complex interrelation between the players and certain facets of the game as a whole. We have not only comprehensively studied team composition, but have also had groundbreaking results utilising player psychology. We study closely at each teams form, each teams record at different stadiums and against different opposition, and the style of football that each team plays.  The AISBF AFL model has averaged more tips than every single one of the leading tipsters and other statistically-based models, and are confident this will continue well into the future.

Last, but certainly not least, AISBF has concentrated its resources to the world’s most widely viewed horse racing, the Melbourne Cup. Some of the brightest minds in the horse racing industry as well as statistically-gifted ‘sharps’ all spend weeks studying the form and track conditions relating to each of the 24 horses. Here at AISBF, we have gone the extra furlong to not only provide more accurate form ratings than Timeform itself, but ran millions of simulations looking into each horses pedigree. We haven’t cut corners, listing each horse in our expansive database not by years like the other professionals, but by days. Why should a horse that is 4 years and 364 days old be treated drastically differently to the exact same horse that is 5 years and 0 days old? It is the finer details like the above that separate AISBF from any competition and deliver its 100% accuracy of picking the winner of the race, year upon year.