Welcome To AISBF!

AISBF is a firm that has revolutionised the sports betting industry for punters by relying solely on data for its wagers. We make use of a process called machine learning, which runs large data-sets through a specialised algorithm we’ve created, in order to output our predictions across a range of sports.

Unlike other subscription services, we only tackle sports that we wholeheartedly believe we’ve found an edge for. AISBF only publishes tips after comprehensive analysis, ensuring that your money has the absolute best chance of growing.

We stand by the tips we provide! For the entire year of 2019 all our tips will be free and, most importantly, documented and verified by a selection of the most reliable, independent websites:

We will also keep a 100% accurate record here at our website – and be transparent, whether we win or lose.

At the present moment in time, we will focus on the exciting, Australian sport AFL and vastly popular e-sport DOTA 2.